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Who says Nevertel can’t diversify?

Who says Nevertel can’t diversify? Can We Go started actually started off way differently from our other songs. The writing process began when one of Raul’s coworkers made a bet that Nevertel couldn’t write a pop song. Naturally Raul hopped on the opportunity to prove his coworker wrong and got straight to work on what would become one of our most popular songs. Admittedly I was skeptical when Raul told me he had a new pop demo for Nevertel; but as you all know by now I’m incredibly easy going and also extraordinarily humble, so I listened with an open mind. When I first heard the track I immediately recognized the potential and in my head I heard many different ways the song could grow and evolve. Right away I imported Raul’s studio session into my home studio and got straight to writing guitars and pondering ways to enhance the quality of the composition. The guys and I had many different meetings about the smallest parts of this song in an effort to decide what would undoubtedly sound the best. For example, I was very into the idea of really limiting how much guitar would be present in the chorus but Raul disagreed so he and I figured out a great compromise where the guitars are accenting the whole chord progression that is being carried by the bass and synthesizers.

After we had most of the foundation laid for the song, we decided to show it to our friend, Tyler Smyth, from Dangerkids to hear his opinion. When Tyler told us that he loved the song and had a few ideas on how to improve it, we were very excited to hear his ideas. After some internal debate we decided that the best way to move forward was to make Can We Go into a collaboration with Tyler (Under the name, Myth). So we left the song with Tyler for a few days and patiently waited for him to email us the version with his changes on it. - You know I have to say when being in a band, it’s regular to have disagreements, so it was incredible that we all unanimously loved what Tyler had done, I would say that was nothing short of a miracle. Finally, we were at the point of mastering and were faced with one final question, who do we go to? Normally we would go to Andy Vandette but Tyler had suggested going to Ted Jensen this time. We decided to take Tyler’s word on Ted and sent the song to him for mastering. I will never forget the first time I heard Ted’s master of Can We Go. I was in the car with my Mom and we were on the way home from Disney World when my phone buzzed; it was Raul telling me that we had been emailed the mastered version. Immediately I hooked up my phone to the car’s audio and needless to say my Mom and I listened to the song over and over again for the entire car ride home! It was a great experience.

It’s very exciting to see how well Can We Go has performed on Spotify since its release back in August. In the last month it has been streamed almost 45,000 times, brought our average monthly listeners to above 32,000, and finally, we saw our most streams ever in a single day. On September 6th, we had 9,100 streams on Spotify; 7,100 of those streams were Can We Go. So all in all, I would say we won the bet. Take that Miguel!!! Maybe you’ll remember this next time you challenge us to write a different type of song! No, but in all seriousness, we should be thanking you for giving us the motivation to write one of our most successful songs yet. Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you to all of the people who have streamed Can We Go or went to our most recent show at the House of Blues. (That blog is coming soon)

Written by Alec Davis.