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Nice Try

Written By Alec Davis

It’s the new year and it’s time for Nevertel to release some new music! This month we released Nice Try along with a music video! With it being the start of a new year, we wanted to help you start the new year off with some momentum. Given all of the craziness that went on in the world last year, some of us were a little jaded. 2019 had its ups and downs to be sure but every time Nevertel was served lemons; we made lemonade. It might sound corny but as a group, we’ve gotten good at making the best of a bad situation. This mindset ties directly into the whole theme of Nice Try. Life is full of obstacles that we can’t predict. Nice Try is about pushing through and overcoming life’s unexpected obstacles. In 2020 you’ll have good days but you’ll also have bad days, and that’s okay. Nice Try acknowledges the craziness of the whole world and in return says, “Nice Try, but I can’t be knocked down!” 

The release of Nice Try is a busy time for us. We’re wrapping up a week writing in the studio and we’ve gotten a lot of work done this week. So with Nice Try coming out on our final day in the studio, we decided it would be fair to reward ourselves and take some time to relax and reflect on the last year.

2020 is going to be a very big year for us. We have a lot planned for the entire year! If all goes according to plan we will have released more music this year than any year prior. Currently, the plan is to have a monthly release so, like I said, if all goes according to plan you can safely expect at least 12 songs from us this year. And maybe even an album.....? Who knows?

Our very own, Jeremy Michael, directed the music video and we filmed at The Collection on Palmetto (shout out to them!) This is the second video that he directed and as a crew we’re all getting a little better at the whole music video thing! The whole shoot took about 10 hours and it was a really busy but rewarding day. We really put our all into this project; blood, sweat, and tears. Hopefully you’ll notice some improvement in the quality of our music and videos. We’re working to accomplish as much in house as possible. It’s really a privilege to be a part of the growing process. And getting to see every one of my co-band members further perfect their craft is a blessing to witness.

We hope you’re ready for February because we’ve already got material ready for you so keep your eye out for more news in a few weeks!