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Cold Stripped Video Shoot

Today we filmed the video for our stripped version of Cold. It was a really fun and busy evening! Our good friend Kenny filmed for us and my grandparents were so kind to let us shoot in their beautiful home!

The plan was for everyone to arrive at my grandparents by 7:30pm so we could start shooting by 8:00. Naturally we fell behind schedule and didn’t start filming until about 8:45. We had a lot of equipment to set up! I won’t lie, there may†have been some lollygagging going on.....but not too much....a fair amount. We’re usually pretty good about staying on track and not getting too distracted. But while I was busy figuring out how in the hell the lights worked in the house, the rest of the guys got to work setting up the cameras, candles, and lined up the timing of the shots.

After what seemed like an hour of running back and forth between a plethora of different light switches, I finally figured out how to get the lighting in the house just right. With this new found knowledge I had an idea! I could shut off all of the lights at once. In the sudden darkness and confusion I could grab Jeremy, throw him onto my grandparents boat and send him sailing to some Caribbean island. Then I could finally take my rightful place as singer of the band. The idea was there but the timing just never lined up. Anyway, the lighting was now perfect and I rallied back with the guys.

They had just finished up organizing their shots and how the whole video was going to be shot. So now that everything was in place, it was time to light the candles and get to filming. We decided to film two takes where the whole group was in frame. Then each member was filmed individually playing the whole song twice. We finished filming in about 90 minutes.

Josh, being the magical wizard he is, said he is going to edit this video and have it done by Christmas! Now that’s going to be a busy few days for him. I would help but I really don’t know what goes into video editing the way he does. I have faith in him. He always comes through.

All in all it was a really fun and productive evening! We’re very thankful to Kenny for filming and to my grandparents for allowing us to film in their home. I can’t wait to see how it turns out and I really can’t wait to hear everyone’s opinion! This video has a lot of love and passion behind it and I hope that when it’s done, you’re able to feel that love and passion too.

Written by Alec Davis