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A Wild Wednesday at The Social

Today we all drove out to Orlando to open for Tyler Carter at The Social! If there was ever an event that served as direct validation for all of our work, it was this one. When we confirmed that we were going to opening, you’ll never guess who lost their minds. That’s right - it was the one and only Jeremy Michael. He idolizes Tyler Carter and opening for him was a dream come true. I was happy for him. Happy for me too because this was going to be my best opportunity to take Jeremy’s place as frontman. The plan was perfect. I would sneak onto Tyler’s tour van with Jeremy and then lock him in there. He’d be long gone before anyone even knew what happened.

All jokes aside, we got to Orlando at about two in the afternoon and as always parking was a challenge. But nothing good comes easily and this show was definitely going to be good. This was easily the largest show we’ve played and I personally couldn’t have been more nervous (but that’s normal for me). When it was time for soundchecking people were already lining up outside and around the building. It was a very surreal experience. I’ve always been the one on the outside looking in. Now, for today at least, I was the one inside looking out. Recognizing that turned all of my anxiety into adrenaline and excitement! I was ready to bring the house down with my guys! And that’s exactly what we did.

After our set was done I packed all of my gear into my car and went back to enjoy the rest of the show. I actually had some trouble getting back into the building. I guess the bouncers forgot to give all of Nevertel “Artist Wristbands,” so security thought I was trying to sneak in through the backdoor. For whatever reason they just would not believe me when I told them I was on stage less than ten minutes ago. I had to get one of our flyers with my picture on it just to prove that I was really in the band. Really the whole ordeal was just something to laugh about because security was just doing their job. After that I was able to come back in and enjoy the rest of the show and it was AMAZING!

I know its an unpopular opinion but I always liked playing first. You get to spend more time with new people who have just listened to your music. Then on top of that you share in the experience of enjoying even more new music together. I think that really helps in building good connections with those around us. As the night came to a close it was time to enact my plans to eliminate Jeremy. Unfortunately the tour van was locked and I remembered lost my last burglary kit in a bet with my dog, Moose. So there was no way to sneak onto the van and lock Jeremy inside. Me, ever the optimist, was ready with a backup plan! I would get Jeremy’s car towed so that he’d be trapped in Orlando forever! He would never know it was me either. He’s already had his car towed at about three shows already so it would be very easy to play it off. Unfortunately the timing never lined up and here I am. Still just the greatest lead guitar player in Nevertel. Maybe that’s all I need to be..... For now at least.

Written by Alec Davis